Friday, November 26, 2010

Ladies Tattoos: Girls Tattoos

Love this lil design with the butterfly right in the middle, a cracking ladies tattoo.
An angel tattoo on a redhead angel, jeeez I have died and gone to heaven !
Loves this ladies tattoo on the back, for some reason this tattoo kinda grows on ya, doncha think?
Love these fairy tattoos on this chicks back, a must for yer coice of ladies tattoos.
Nice lil ladies tattoo sayin " I'm so Happy", jeeez lookin at her tattoo has made me happy for sure.
Nice lower back tribal tattoo and deff one of my fav ladies tattoos, looks really cool, " are you still sayin cool? "
Gotta say I love a nice butterfly display and these ladies tattoos are just perfection.
A snake designed as an anchor, I just love the imagination behind this ladies tattoo, love it !
Hands up if any of you ladies reading are a bit of a devil, hey no problem get yerself a few devils tattooed on yer feet.
Love this koi fish tattoo on the shoulder, jeeez tis one stunning ladies tattoo for sure, I almost feel like going fishing !
Nice blue butterfly on the foot is my next ladies tattoos pic and well I gotta keep my feet lovers happy ; )
Wowwwwww this is deff my fav ladies tattoo, just look at the artwork put into this dragon tattoo, totally stunning.
And for the last of my ladies tattoos this amazing tribal dragon tattoo, gotta say I love the tribal tattoos, I wud be a really cool tribesman.

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